Create the extra shopping impulse

According to a report by the Networld Media Group, Digital Menu Boards and ROI, the average increase in sales of any digitally promoted snack or side is around 10%. This means that the return on investment in this type of medium is faster than in 12 months. Digital signage advertising has one of the highest ratings in the catering industry, with the ad recall ratio of 47% after a month. Better recall means greater customer recognition and greater brand engagement, even up to a month after the ad is displayed. Such recall makes it a natural choice to promote seasonal and more profitable dishes and sides at the right time and place.


Increase in sales of additional products and drinks

Recall of extra promotions

Return on investment within the first 12 months

why a digital
menu board?

Availability of changing prices and menu

Quick modification

Increase in sales of advertised sides and dishes

Automatic price changes

Information display

menu boards

Lines to order

Waiting Rooms

Hotel Receptions

Food Court

Staff Canteens

Bars and Restaurants

Cafes and Bistros

Cafe island displays

Weather resistant


Effective increase in sales of promoted products

According to the report by The Top 12 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards, 30.8% of restaurateurs declare a return on investment in digital screens between 7 and 12 months. Restaurateurs declare a 10% increase in meal sales and a 20% increase in beverages sales.

Cost reduction of poster changing

The costs of changing paper static menu boards are higher and take more time than digital displays. Growing competition and market development make restaurateurs change their offer more often and take advantage of all opportunities to retain customers. Thanks to digital media, the offer can be updated online even several times a day without employee participation.

Increased customer satisfaction

Digital Menu Boards reduce the subjective time of waiting in line. By displaying a video and also showing changing images, we absorb consumers’ attention. Thanks to this they pay less attention to thinking about waiting. And because of that, we increase positive experiences of consumers and create a positive image in the subconscious of customers.

advertising monitors

Budget Monitors

Brightness: 350 - 400 cd

Operation mode: 16-24/7

Resolution: Full HD

Position: Horizontal

Use: Indoor, ordinary lighting

High-brightness monitors

Brightness: 500 - 700 cd

Operation mode: 24/7

Resolution: Full HD

Position: Horizontal/Vertical

Use: Indoor, well-lit places


43″ Advertising monitor

449 GBP net

Player + Soft lite

299 GBP net

Monitor 43″ Player + soft lite

739 GBP net

Menuboard 3 x 49” + player + soft pro

2 399 GBP net

Videowall premium 4 x 55” + player + soft pro

6 199 GBP net

Examples of industries



Gas station

Clothes shop


Convenience store


Public transport







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