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How does it work?

You receive a pre-programmed player with a login and password to the Studio panel. You may also install the software on your own player with Windows 10 OS.

You connect the player to the Internet and to the monitor.

On your computer, you log into the Studio’s Content Management System (Log in to Studio tab on our website).

You use the software and manage the monitor.

Make an appointement for an online software presentation

Software pricing

 1-5 Players6-10 Players11-20 Players21 -50 Players+ 51 Players
1st year of SubscriptionGBP 129 piece /yearGBP 109 piece /yearGBP 10 piece /yearGBP 89 piece /yearGBP 79 piece /year
Following years of subscriptionGBP 59 piece /yearGBP 59 piece /yearGBP 59 piece /yearGBP 59 piece /yearGBP 59 piece /year
Operator’s supervision+GBP 9 piece /month+GBP 9 piece /month+GBP 9 piece /month+GBP 9 piece /month+GBP 9 piece /month
Studio Lite/Pro Features
FeatureDescriptionFirst year of subscriptionFollowing years of subscriptionYearly subscription
mediaCloud Server, HostingLimitless disk space for the account
Content management accountMaster account, issuing dashboard, all ads in one place
Consumer accountSoftware installed on the player. Supported platforms: Windows 10, Android
Entire network managementManage the entire media network directly from one place
Media group managementCombining media into groups and distributing different versions of content to each of the monitor groups. Content regionalization
Single location managementPossibility of managing one monitor
Images, Videos, AudioUpload of many file formats i.e. MP4, JPG, JPEG, PNG, FLV
Network monitoringPreview link to the customer's advertising network. Preview on smartphones and computers
Multiple monitor zonesDividing monitor into many zones, each zone independent of another.
One player
Several monitors
Connecting several monitors to one player.
Json – automated boards, weather, widgets, coursesA protocol allowing the monitor to interact with external apps such as cantor, weather, air pollution sensors, etc. JSON language
HTMLLaunching any website on the ad monitor (including touch screen)
TeamViewer*Each player purchased from Localscreens has a TeamViewer account attached, allowing remote troubleshooting
Remote software trainingSoftware training and management support during the first month
Remote supportRemote troubleshooting ,TeamViewer remote desktop, phone and e-mail support
Operator network supervisionScheduling, configuring and planning campaigns, implementing periodic specials, configuring software
Automated weahter configurationWeather forecast board for a given city, updated in real time based on weather data from external sitesGBP 9
Exchange rates configurationBoard with current data on selected NBP exchange ratesGBP 10
GBP 10
Air quality configurationPreview link to the customer's advertising network. Preview on smartphones and computersGBP 10
GBP 10
Network monitoring - one-time configurationLink do podglądu na sieć ekranów klienta. Możliwość podglądu na smartfonie, komputerzeGBP 109 / network of players


43″ Advertising monitor

449 GBP net

Player + Soft lite

299 GBP net

Monitor 43″ Player + soft lite

739 GBP net

Menuboard 3 x 49” + player + soft pro

2 399 GBP net

Videowall premium 4 x 55” + player + soft pro

6 199 GBP net

Examples of industries



Gas station

Clothes shop


Convenience store


Public transport






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