Storefront window, regardless of whether in a busy street or a shopping mall, is the first element that a customer sees. Well-designed allows to stand out among a number of neighbors and effectively encourages to enter the sales room.

Greater possibilities

The history of storefront windows arrangement dates back to the 19th century. Since then, marketing knowledge and accompanying technologies have changed dramatically. But, only in recent years the prices of electronic devices, including professional LCD screens, have fallen to such a level that the introduction of an LCD screen to a shop window shouldn’t be considered from the perspective of budget but rather from the perspective of the concept of content that we can display.

There are two main functions of the storefront window in terms of using the advertising screen:

– representing and encouraging – The research shows that a shop window contributes to as much as 23% of purchases , 1 in 3 passers-by pays attention to an interesting shop window. 80% of respondents admit that they enter the store under the influence of the looks of the storefront window. In connection to such data, we can conclude that the dynamic message shown on the advertising screen attracts more attention than a static poster.

advertising (change) – it’s very important for the storefront window to change constantly, your clients can’t be bored. It’s worth changing its appearance according to the trading calendar or other special occasions. Installing a screen or a set of screens (Videowall) allows for a quick change of the exhibition or store offer and for skipping traditional distribution channels and related problems, such as poster printing, logistics or hanging.

Not every storefront window is the same

In terms of digital signage screens, storefront windows must be divided into those located in shopping centers and those exposed directly to the street and sunlight. Where does this division come from?

When exposed to daylight, we must use screens with increased brightness of 2500 cd (nit). If you don’t follow the above rule, the image displayed on a regular screen will be completely invisible and useless. In addition, high brightness screens are prepared for operation at a higher temperature when the matrix is ​​exposed to sunlight through the shop window.

It’s easier for storefront windows in shopping centers, because we can use screens of brightness of 400-700 cd (nit), which are cheaper and less vulnerable to external factors.

Featured products

Case studies


On April 1, 2016 WHSmith announced that they were planning to equip 100 of their storefront windows with LCD screens. It’s worth quoting the words of Ian Sanders, the director of advertising development at WHSmith: “The advertising industry has accepted digital signage as a step forward in outdoor advertising, which encouraged sellers to use their facilities as a great environment for installing LCD screens. WHSmitch is proud to be the pioneer in the use of advertising screens in convenience stores. The screens will give us uniqueness in advertising and information, with simultaneous monetization and full control over the content.”


Market Street (San Francisco) is one of the busiest streets in Northern California. Such environment naturally forces stores to stand out in merchandising methods by constantly introducing new products and innovative methods of attracting attention as the street is full of companies. One of them is Levi Strauss, producing iconic jeans. The company decided to install 2 large LED screens of very high brightness. Due to the need for leaving the storefront window as a natural source of light, the client chose transparent LED panels that let in 65-76% of sunlight. Brandie Perkins, Senior Account Manager, points out to the fact that by removing standard backlights and replacing them with DS technology, they can freely change videos or display graphics, which naturally attracts the attention of passers-by.

The above examples illustrate how universal the LCD screen is. Regardless of whether you are an owner of a single store, a marketing specialist, a salesman or a shop decorator, the LCD screen gives you opportunities that weren’t achievable before.

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