You’ve just decided to buy an advertising screen, now you’re facing one of the most important choices – which signage screen size to use. Below there are some tips on how to assess the size of the advertising screen correctly.


When choosing a digital signage screen size, you need to consider the following:

⮚ The distance from which the screen is to be viewed
⮚ The type of content displayed
⮚ The purpose of the screen


The easiest way to choose the right screen size is to use the right proportions.

When displaying videos and large images, the ratio of the screen size to the viewing distance is 1:4. The 32-inch screen is easy to read up to 128 inches, that’s up to max. 3 m. For a 55-inch screen, a max. distance from a viewer is 5.5 m.
If the advertising screen is mainly used to display text and detailed information, a 1:3 ratio should be applied. For every inch of the screen diagonal, there are 3 inches of distance from the screen. The 32-inch screen is clearly visible from a max. distance of 96 inches, that’s up to 2.4 m. The 55-inch screen can be read up to max. 4.2 m.

With such calculations, the rule is that a font of min. height of 2.5 cm is used for every 3 m of viewing distance.

At the time of purchase, you may not know what type of content will dominate on your screen. Just follow the infographic below.

You may want to divide the screen into several parts – you display video on one part, your logo on the other, while the third part displays the text.

Plan the placement of each of these parts. For each of the parts, check the necessary screen size to read the image clearly. If your results say, for example, that for the video part you need 32 inches, for the logo – 43 inches, and for the text – 55 inches – use the largest option.


Advertising screens with the large diagonal or video walls composed of many displays are used when you want them to become your business card. These types of screens are designed to strengthen the brand, evoke positive customer experiences and strengthen interest in the product, promotions or the place itself.

Medium-sized screens allow consumers to move around the facility easier and faster. They are used for navigation in the store and highlighting a specific promotion or marketing campaign.

Small advertising screens – a tablet-size – are used for triggering interaction with a customer, informing about promotions and given products or helping carry out transactions.

The right choice of a digital signage advertising screen size is of key importance

You should choose its size in relation to the surface of the place and the type of content you want to display. When the screen is too big, the effect is overwhelming, while too small may not be visible. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to advise you on choosing the right size.

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