Every Polish citizen who has a radio or a television set at his or her home is obliged to pay the radio and television license fee. Does it also apply to entrepreneurs? Company owners usually do not realize that they are required to pay this fee. When is it necessary?

Necessary payments

Regardless of whether radio and television sets are used at private homes or companies, you always need to pay regularly for their usage. It does not matter if the subscriber is a natural person or an entrepreneur. Companies, however, shall pay the subscription fee for each radio and television set they use, regardless of their location. Even if an entrepreneur uses private media only or has purchased cable or satellite TV services, he or she is still obliged to pay the radio and television license fee.

There is no need to pay for the radio and television sets that are meant for sale or transfer to third parties on the basis of agreements, assuming that the afore mentioned actions are subject to the entrepreneur’s business activity.

Registration of radio or television sets

The duty of payment of the radio and television license fee arises as the entrepreneur comes into possession of a radio or a television set, which allows for immediate reception of programs. Radio and television sets (both in a company and a company car) should be registered at a post office or via Internet within 14 days of the subscriber coming into their possession. From the day of registration, the entrepreneur is obliged to pay the radio and television license fee (starting from the following month).

What are the consequences of not paying the radio and television license fee

If an entrepreneur or a natural person evades the radio and television license fee, he or she (in the event of control and discovery of an unregistered radio or television set) will face a penalty that is 30 times the monthly license fee at the rate applying on the date of the control.

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