Peter is the owner of a franchise supermarket. Although he is obliged to follow certain rules, he is somehow independent in creating pricing policy of products not listed in a discount paper.

Here we have a problem, since as we know with franchise chain it is important to maintain brand coherence and marketing message. That is why franchisees get a series of instructions on how it all should look like. Planning a product discount, Peter has to follow strict rules.

Standard procedures

Our franchisee wants to produce posters informing about a discount of a given product. Peter has many templates and tips saying how such a poster should look like. Often he also needs an approval from the chain’s Marketing department. His local agency or printing house prepares a draft of a poster, which Peter sends via e-mail to the head office and waits for an answer. Usually he receives one on the same day. Sometimes, the head office spots errors, e.g. wrong template/ font/ price format was used, wrong colors were applied, etc.

Communication between the head office and the franchisee is sometimes tiring, but is necessary. The head office needs to take care of a coherent marketing message in all the franchise stores.

Peter wanted to create a quick discount for cheese and ham, as Easter is looming. The creation of such a discount is so burdensome that he sometimes resigns from it.

Paradoxically, both Marketing departments understand that franchise stores want to create quick discounts and franchisees understand that the communication should be coherent.

Sometimes, however, in daily routine both sides tend to forget about it. This never ending story about constant struggles in this subject inspired us to create a tool that solves this problem.


We decided to create a simple application that will enable implementation of a very quick discount in the whole store, simultaneously keeping 100% cohesion with the chain’s branding. How is it possible?

It is very simple. We use advertising screens to create discounts. At first, a store needs to buy and mount an advertising screen, best behind a meat counter.

Later, it receives a very simple tool to create discounts on these monitors. We called it a Product Board Creator. How does it work? A manager/ owner of a given store opens our application on his or her smartphone and then gives a name of a product, inserts price and chooses a product picture from the available base. They approve a spot with a given discount, which creates on its own and displays on a screen.

The application creates a spot on a basis of a template previously approved by the Marketing department. Thanks to that the store is free to create its own offer and the Marketing department is sure that the graphics comply with the company standards.

#3 An adequate size and resolution

Think about the distance from which you want your screen to be visible and what content you want to display. This knowledge will help you choose an adequate matrix size and its resolution.

Moreover, the implementation of such a discount is very easy and quick. It takes less than 30 seconds and there is no need to send any materials to e.g. a printing house. A picture base is ready so you do not need to look for good quality pictures, either.

The Creator may be in various sizes and templates. Therefore, it may be used in many businesses, like supermarkets, butcher shops, hairdresser’s, optician shops, gasoline stations, bistros, etc.

Not only for a franchisee

It turns out that the idea of automatic spots was popular not only among franchisees, but also among company owners, who do not have access to graphic designers or would like to publish so much content that their production costs would be too high.

Imagine that you are an owner of two hairdresser salons in a big city. Obviously, apart from services, you also sell professional cosmetics. It is very easy to hang a screen next to a couch for waiting clients and display photos of professional products with their prices.

By mounting an advertising screen and using the Creator you simply add products to your offer form an available base, give price and description and the screen will display your offer in a professional and interesting way, like you determine at the beginning of our cooperation. Other examples could be given. If you run a restaurant, the same way you can publish e.g. Today’s Special.

Now you need neither a graphic designer nor an IT department. You can insert all the discounts on your own, without wasting your precious time.

If you are interested in how the application works, visit our website and test it. You will find your login data on the website devoted to the Product Board Creator.

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