A digital menu board – what exactly is it?

These are a few advertising screens displayed next to one another, usually hung on the wall or the ceiling on a special mount or cords.

The screens give the impression of being combined into one screen. Each of them is managed remotely, from anywhere with the online access, using an easy-to-use administration panel.

It takes less than an hour to create the first advertising materials. You can choose a template or create your own, or you can outsource it to a graphic designer.

Later it’s just fun. You can experiment with prices, sides or promotions without a need for making changes in graphics – you only enter numbers. Simply put, the digital menu board means higher revenues. How is it possible?

How does it work?

You may agree or not, but technology has a huge impact on decisions about where a customer is going to eat, which gives plenty of opportunities for your restaurant.

Menu boards are a cost-effective solution for updating prices, products and promotions at restaurants. They allow you to display dynamic videos, instantly change the offer in a single location as well as in the whole chain.

Digital menu boards can be adapted to the interior or surroundings of the restaurant. It’s also a tool to maintain layout consistency in franchise networks.

Return on investment

According to the report of Networld Media Group on the return on investment in menu boards (Digital Menu Board and ROI), advertising screens increase sales of advertised products by 5 to 10%, which translates into a return on investment from 7 to 12 months depending on the turnover.

Of course, the investment must be made. Investing in a digital board menu network may require a lot of financial contribution. However, this is a one-off expenditure and the equipment should work for at least 5 years. In addition, such screens can be leased to spread initial costs.

For example:

The menu board made of 5 screens of 43-inch size, gives the total cost of about PLN 16,500.

Screen 43″ 5 pieces PLN 2,000 PLN 10,000
Mini pc players 5 pieces PLN 650 PLN 3,250
Software 5 pieces PLN 400 PLN 2,000
Mounts 5 pieces PLN 80 PLN 400
Mounting 1 PLN 1,000 PLN 1,000
TOTAL PLN 16,650

In operating lease for 36 months, it costs about PLN 496 per month.

You should also consider immediate savings and count how much you save when you resign from printing, distribution, hanging and disposing of paper menus. Digital advertising screens eliminate this cost permanently.

You can change individual items on the menu, prices or carry out promotions without the need for spending money to make changes to the menu.

Think also how many benefits you lost and how many promotions you didn’t carry out just because you would have to pay for printing, distribution, hanging new posters, etc.

Act by image

First of all, you can display images from the offer. A photograph of a tasty sandwich or a steaming cup of coffee is much more exciting than the word sandwich or coffee.

We process images in a different way than words; the image of food or drink activates certain parts of the brain, creating a desire. A nice, well-lit photo of a juicy burger with fresh lettuce and red tomatoes is extremely tempting.

You can convey much more information visually than through text, and animations or videos will increase the impact of the message on your audience.

Sell ​​more

Clear and attractive presentation of sides and drinks or enlargement of sets makes customers buy more.

“Coffee cake for PLN 3”,
“Freshly squeezed juice for PLN 5 with a sandwich”
“Enlarged set for PLN 19.99”

The attractive photo of sides with a distinctive plus and the sales are growing.

You can also place changing promotions on the screen. Special offer, only today, only on Tuesdays or lunch offer – it’s a great way to make customers make a quick decision and take advantage of your offer.

Adaptive menu

Digital menu boards are extremely flexible. They can be changed quickly and easily. This makes them ideal for promoting daily specials and even short-term updates such as buy coffee and a muffin between 9:00 and 11:00 and you’ll get a croissant for free.

If you serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can adjust the offer to the time of day.

If you run out of items, you can immediately update your menu so that customers aren’t disappointed. And if you need to sell out the last pieces quickly, you can create a special offer.

If you know that in the afternoon you’ll offer a discount on morning cakes or sandwiches, you can create this message earlier and schedule it to be displayed when needed, e.g. in the afternoon.

Featured products

Comfort and positive experiences

Digital menu boards help save money thanks to the efficiency and reduction of menu and poster prints. All these options save employees time so they can focus on providing excellent customer service.

Screens reduce the perceived waiting time if you present an interesting message. Videos, sides, promotions – all of this makes it more interesting.

Many people have certain dietary restrictions or allergies so you can use electronic screens to educate your audience. Nutrition information can be displayed if a particular product contains nuts, gluten or anything else that can cause problems for customers.

If you have gluten-free options, advertise this fact. Gluten free customers will definitely appreciate it.

As current trends show, now is the time to install digital menu boards. They not only save time and money but also increase sales. I don’t know any better tested set in terms of return on investment than the digital menu board in the world of digital signage advertising screens.

If you’re interested in digital menu boards and would like to learn more, visit media4screens.com. You’ll find there the quote. You can also arrange a demo presentation to see how the menu board service looks like in practice.

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