Despite the restriction on Sunday shopping, malls are still Poles’ favorite places to do shopping. Due to this fact company owners are willing to pay a lot of money to become tenants of the most trendy malls.

Not everyone, however, can afford to pay so much money. For small entrepreneurs or businesses entering the market shopping malls have a solution, which is market stalls. Such stalls are, however, also increasingly popular among wealthy banking institutions.

An advantage of market stalls is the location in a shopping arcade, which helps gain new customers. However, because of a limited space, it is hard to find a place for efficient advertising services.

Due to this fact it will be a great idea to invest in an advertising screen, which requires little installation space and allows for displaying a video.

#1 Ask yourself a few questions

Thus, specify what you want to achieve by installing an advertising screen in your facility.

– Should an LCD screen only inform your client about your services or create a “WOW” effect?

– Should the screen draw clients’ attention or be a background for your display unit?

– Would you like to focus on a text or on a picture?

Obviously, it is hard to give the clear answers to those questions, but the more you specify your needs, the easier it will be to choose the most adequate solution.

Synergy Effect

As I mentioned before, an unquestionable advantage of a market stall is its location in a shopping arcade and the fact that it “stands on a way” of potential customers. This, however, is not always a sufficient argument to encourage a customer to look closer at our offer. By installing an advertising screen and displaying an interesting content we can attract a potential customer and encourage him or her to stop by the stall.

Take control

If you are an owner of a network of market stalls, you may wonder how to manage each screen in your facilities. Fortunately, thanks to professional advertising screens and software, everything can be done remotely. Firstly, you do not need to worry that the stall’s employee will turn the screen on. Secondly, all ads can be sent via internet directly on the monitor. If you wish to learn more about the DS software, you need to read this article.

Let your employees sell products

Usually sellers know best what to promote. It is worth equipping them with a tool that will help them insert a discounted product, even if they do not have any graphic or IT skills. Everything what is inserted by an employee/a manager is visible to the head office. This tool is used also by Marketing departments, because they may in a minute insert a given discount information without the need to wait for a graphic designer and IT department.


As far as the monitor in a market stall is concerned, important parameters would be brightness and matrix size. When it comes to the choice of the screen size, with stalls built from scratch there is a very large room for maneuver. A well-designed stall will fit even a 55” monitor. This parameter is essential for the monitor to be visible from a greater distance. However, if it is impossible to install a larger monitor, we can make up for this shortage by using greater brightness. A very bright screen will draw people’s attention despite a smaller diagonal.


Market stalls are still evolving and are increasingly popular among tenants. Due to their display values, they are good for promoting both products and services from all brands. This feature is worth reinforcing by installing an advertising monitor on a market stall. It will boost sales and increase brand awareness.

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